Urban Planning

Not Any Easier

The Battery Park City master plan created a pleasant park around the South Cove, an indentation in the landfill shoreline that, unlike the North Cove, is too small to be a harbor. It’s technically the north end of Wagner Park (named after Robert Wagner) and is a little over twenty years old. Much of the …

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That’s the last of my Providence photos and it’s quite the cliché: it’s the view from my hotel room window. On the lower left is the Tilden-Thurber Building. What strikes me about this picture is how obviously American the view is. Nearly all of the buildings visible are over one hundred years, which makes them …

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One of the archetypical New York buildings is the “dumbbell tenement,” which was named after its shape, not its occupants or owners. It’s worth looking at what these buildings are and why the gradual reduction in their numbers is not a bad thing. That’s the corner of 19th Street (left) and Eight Avenue (right), looking …

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An Analysis of Rooftop Farming

The construction of buildings does not remove or destroy land acreage, it simply converts some of it to rooftops. People have had plantings on roofs for a very long time – the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, were planted terrace roofs – and one of the reasons …

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