Wide Plank

That’s the flooring in the attic of a 1930s house. It’s the original, and it’s worn and has never been maintained in any way. Wood is simply a beautiful material.

The Wheel Turns

I’ve mentioned the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava before. I’ll be writing it about it this week because we’ve reached an important milestone: there is once again a roof structure on the damaged building. This is not the first step that has been taken toward restoring the cathedral to use, but it is the …

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A Remnant

Sometimes you see something that gets odder the longer you look at it. The picture above is, unsurprisingly, at the 242nd Street station on the 1 train. That’s the northern terminus of the line in the northwest Bronx. And the platform roof is entirely wood. The roof proper is wood plank, resting on wood rafters, …

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Historic Structural Detail: Iron and Wood

That beautiful girder-to-column connection is in an 1870s warehouse in the Bronx. The basics of it are quite simple: the two spans of girder are connected with a scarf joint, and sit on a cast-iron shoe that caps the column below. First off, there’s an interesting contrast here between the pre-fab, bulk-manufactured iron shoe and …

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Good Recommendations

Joel Moskowitz’s list of books on furniture and woodworking is great. Every one is a classic worthy of your time. Moskowitz took the words out of my mouth with regard to Eric Sloane’s A Museum of Early American Tools: I read and reread that book when I was a tween until I had it memorized. …

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