Construction History: Replacement

I may have used this picture before, but here’s the second New York Times Building under construction in 1903. The first Times Building was down on Park Row; a number of newspapers moved uptown around 1900, as it was no longer seen as necessary to be near City Hall. Again, we have the mature riveted …

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Construction History: Before

I wish I had a higher-resolution versions of this picture. There’s a lot going on in this peaceful 1875 scene. Starting with the caption: this photograph wasn’t taken from the Astor House. The Astor House is the building in the lower right corner, with a lot of chimneys. It had been the premiere hotel in …

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Construction History: Masonry Almost Everywhere

I’ve been cutting the stereoscopic views down to one image when I use them, but why? So here’s a stereoscope of the construction of the spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, circa 1888. The cathedral itself was some ten years old at that time, and the spires were being added to an already-functioning building. It looks …

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