Our Website’s New Look

Websites are interesting things. The web in its current form is thirty years old and commercial use was only allowed in 1993, but in the last 26 years this piece of technology has become our sign, our ad, a simple brochure, and our virtual front door. We have pretty much the same goal as every …

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The Easiest Setting

That 1935 photo by Berenice Abbott shows the Chanin Building in all its glory. It’s a 1929 brick and terra cotta art-deco setback tower and deservedly both an NYC landmark and on the National Register. Of course, the photo isn’t about the beauty of architecture as much as it is a demonstration of what height really …

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Some More Thoughts On Ruins

I’ve talked before about “ruin porn” and my discomfort with the topic. I recently came across this seven-year-old essay on the topic: “The Unspeakable Pleasure of Ruins” by Rick Poynor. His thesis is that my misgivings are wrong, that there’s nothing wrong photos or other representations of ruins, regardless of the aesthetic intentions of the …

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