Catching Up On People

Two interesting articles on firms and employees: on office manuals and new employees, and on emerging professionals. Linking to them is my way of saying that I’ve neglected talking about people for a while and we’ve been hiring. Our new people, in alphabetical order, are: Tawhid Chowdhury, who has a Bachelors of Civil Engineering from …

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Recertified As A B Corp

Old Structures Engineering has been recertified as a B Corp, a process that takes place every two years. This was our first recertification and my overall feeling is that it’s nice to know that our original certification wasn’t a fluke. There were two interesting aspects to taking the B Assessment for the second time. The first …

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The last I heard, there were still a few seats available for this week’s symposium at the Skyscraper Museum, titled The Rise of the Skyscraper City: ​All the Tall Buildings in Manhattan, 1874-1900.​ All of the information is at the link, but here it is anyway: Thursday, 5PM to 6PM, Carol Willis will give a tour …

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The Uptown Acropolis

Audubon Terrace, photo credit to NewYorkDolls: There is, by an accident of history and over-optimistic planning, a miniature acropolis at Broadway and 155th Street, called Audubon Terrace. Had New York developed as London did – a wide-spread low-rise city of roughly uniform density – Audubon Terrace might have become the true cultural center it was …

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