Some Current Work, 117 Years ago

This picture was published in Cassier’s Magazine in 1897 and shows the location of two of our  current projects. The closer building, where steel is still being erected, is the Park Row Building, which was the tallest building in the world from its completion in 1899 until the completion of the Singer Building in 1908. We are currently in the early stages of an interior alteration there.

The building on the right with the hip roof over an open arcade is the American Tract Society Building, completed in 1895. The angels and orbs we are currently working on are visible at the building’s corners.

The dome to the left is the top of the World Building, with Joseph Pulitzer’s office at the base of the dome.

One interesting thing about this photograph: in 1897, there were no planes or helicopters, so the only way to take a picture like this was from a neighboring building. Based on the angle and height, this photograph must have been taken from the St. Paul Building which, like the World Building, has been demolished.

(Click on photo to expand.)

cassiersmagaz1318971newy_0434 copy


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