Best for NYC: Best Practices

It turns out that I’m not done discussing recycling as part of the Best for NYC Challenge. The furniture in our office consists of a desk and a table for each employee, some extra tables in our conference space, chairs, bookcases, and a couple of feeling cabinets. The desks, tables, and bookcases are all reused steel furniture. The desks and tables are tanker style which means that they are both indestructible and retro cool. The bookcases are steel barristers bookcases which protect books well, are nearly indestructible, and retro in a Bartleby kind of way.

In other words, most of the furniture in our office is older than all of us, still works fine, and still looks good. The “reuse” part of recycling doesn’t get as much attention as it should, but given our general view of the world it makes sense to us.

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