Best for NYC: Other Companies

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that these Best for NYC Challenge blog posts were written in advance to ease the burden of daily posting. Today’s post is an exception, the blogging equivalent of a stop-the-presses special. A local B Corp, Kickstarter, was profiled in the New York Times in a thorough and interesting article.

Because B Corps are still a fairly new idea, the article describes the purpose of benefit corporations as background, and goes on to detail Kickstarter’s relate to the benefit idea. It’s good reading in general, particularly for people still getting used to the idea of business goals other than profit. For me, it’s more inspirational than anything else: Kickstarter is many times our size and will always be many times our size, so the specifics of that company’s management and ours will never be similar. But it’s good to know that a big company can apply the benefit corporation ideas and it’s even better to see it described approvingly in mainstream media.

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