Visible A Long Way Off

I was up on a roof in Queens on Thursday. In addition to freezing my nose off, I took the picture above. If you click on it and zoom in, you can see the Manhattan skyline off in the distance. How far off?

1 World Trade Center, the tallest of the downtown group of towers on the left (left of the brown brick building close to me, between the two white towers in the middle distance) is just over 12 miles (about 19km) away.

The Empire State Building, the tallest isolated tower on the far left of the midtown group of towers (to the left of the rooftop bulkhead on the brown brick building close to me) is just over 10 miles (16km) away.

Billionaires’ Row, the tallest distant towers on the right end of the midtown group, is about nine and a half miles (over 15km) away.

Here’s a cropped view to make it a little easier to see. You should still click on it to expand it.

These are big buildings.

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