Far and Away

I went looking for another bridge after yesterday’s arch, and I found this little guy. I’m sure there’s information out there, but in the time I was willing to spend, all I got was the rather spare description in HAER: it’s over Maggie Creek, eleven miles west of Elko, Nevada. I also learned that Maggie Creek is adjacent to Susie Creek.

The end view is also interesting:

It’s not quite a pony truss, as there’s wind bracing at the center of the span. A short and lightly-loaded span like this, carrying an unpaved road across a fordable creek, would be built as a girder bridge now and for decades in the past. It says something about the economics of steel material, labor, transportation, and prefabrication that it ever made sense for this bridge to be built as a truss; I strongly suspect it came out to the site mostly assembled. If you look at the high-resolution version of the first picture, you can see the deck beams between the truss bottom chord and the deck.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that Elko gets about 11 inches of rain average per year, so exposed steel is less exposed to weathering that it might be in other climates.

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