It Looked Familiar, Part 5

The Narrows is the main entrance to New York Harbor, named because it’s a pinch point between the very wide (although shallow in places) lower bay and the deep and reasonably wide upper bay. It was the logical place to build a bridge between Staten Island and Brooklyn in the 1960s, and it was logical place 130 years earlier for a pair of forts to guard the harbor: Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, and Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island. The picture above shows the Staten Island tower of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge towering over Fort Wadsworth. Here’s a view looking roughly the other way:

This is, of course, leading up to a comic-book except. I tried and failed to find the photo that the artist traced. The plot of this book (“Strikeforce”) takes place while Staten Island has temporarily become “Monster Island.”

The giant squid with its tentacles wrapped around the bridge tower is a nice touch.

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