It Looked Familiar: Very Familiar

Most of these have been little snippets of the NYC landscape that are only recognizable if you know the area. Today’s, not so much. Above, Ex-Commissioner Gordon walks to and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Below, he drives over it in Batman’s car.

The upper right drawing, showing the elevated walkway, might not be instantly recognizable as the Brooklyn Bridge if you’ve never walked on it, but otherwise it’s hard to miss.

A note on city names: Marvel Comics has always used real place names for some of its locations, creating fake places as needed. DC Comics originally had all fake place names, although real names have gradually crept in. The two most famous fake places in DC Comics were both based on New York: Metropolis and Gotham City. (Christopher Nolan’s first two Batman movies were filmed in Chicago, leading some people to think that Gotham was supposed to be Chicago. Putting aside the fact that “Gotham” has been a nickname for New York since 1807, thanks to Washington Irving, there have always been NYC references in the comic books. Chicago in the old comics was “Midway City.”) The easiest way to distinguish between the two is that Metropolis is midtown Manhattan during the day, when and where you can believe that the city represents order and rationality; Gotham is downtown and Brooklyn at night, where you can’t.

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