It Looked Familiar: Back Again

One of the earlier comparisons I made between comics and reality was the appearance of the front entrance to the Tombs in a Daredevil comic. We’re back at the same location, with Clint Barton (not dressed in his Hawkeye costume) leaving in a bad mood. Here’s reality, with a temporary wheelchair ramp:

Note that the comic book has substituted swing doors for the revolving doors on the sides, presumably because they’re easier to draw.

The hearing that Barton had attended concerned a crime in the Bronx, which would not actually be taking place at this court house. The Tombs is officially, the Criminal Courts Building, and there’s one in each borough. To add a bit to the confusion, the Daredevil television show used the exterior of the Bronx County Courthouse for filming, while pretending it was in Manhattan.

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