Visible Progress

That’s the south side of Castle Clinton behind a construction fence – it’s basically a circle in plan, so “side” isn’t the right word, but whatever – and the ongoing masonry restoration can be seen. There’s new mortar, some new stones, some stone patches…it’s all good. We’re proud to be part of the project, working with the National Park Service, John G. Waite Associates, and Stone & Lime.

This has been a very long time coming for us. We first performed a conditions survey of the fort walls in 1997, worked with JGWA on a historic structures report in 2016, worked with JGWA and the NPS on repair documents in 2018, and have worked with the team in the construction phase since the beginning of last year. Every step has been interesting and, in its own way, gratifying, but there’s nothing as good as seeing the repairs in place.

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