That’s a view looking west from the foot of Trinity Place on a beautiful fall day.

From left to right:

  • Two Washington Street, built in 1970 (the building with the black glass curtain wall) as the second extension to the Whitehall Building. I think it’s steel-framed but I’m not certain.
  • Directly above Two Washington on the far left is the original 1904 Whitehall Building at 17 Battery Place with its ornate tan brick and terra cotta rear facade over its steel frame.
  • Directly above Two Washington and to the right of 17 Battery is the first extension on the Whitehall Building, from 1910, facing West Street. Again, we’re looking at the rear facade of a steel-frame building.
  • To the right of the three-building Whitehall complex is the 1930 Downtown Athletic Club at 20 West Street, the tallest building in view, with the dark red brick facade and a steel frame.
  • To the right of the Athletic Club is the 21 West Street form 1931, with a steel frame and nicely cantilevered corners.
  • To the right of 21 West Street is the 1960s extension of the garage associated with the entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel. It’s a concrete-framed structure supported on steel trusses over the tunnel entrance.
  • Above the garage extension is the Visionaire at 70 Little West Street, a 2008 concrete-frame apartment house.
  • And finally, at the right, is the original tunnel garage, a 1950 concrete-frame structure. The curtain walls are concrete with a saw-tooth profile that looks a bit like clapboard.

That’s a pretty good selection for one photo.

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