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Bragging About Size

The title of the 1890 photo above is “Four trains passing Little Falls.” That’s a town on the Mohawk River in upstate New York, about halfway between Utica and Amsterdam. The location tells us that this is the main line of the New York Central Railroad, but doesn’t answer the basic question of why would …

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It Looked Familiar: Mislocated

Above, a page from “Torso,” a fictionalized account of the Cleveland Torso Murders. (Trigger warning: do not google that serial killer from the 1930s if descriptions of graphic violence bother you.) The building is quite recognizable. It is, however, in Chicago: it’s the Rookery. The problem re-occurs. Here’s a scene that’s supposed to be at …

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More Confusing To Name Than To Fly

The last airports for this series of posts are in northern Queens: North Beach, Glenn Curtiss, and LaGuardia are all the same place; Holmes Airport and Grand Central Airport are similarly the same place. Five names, two airports. North Beach was an actual place, a beach in Queens on the East River, adjacent to Bowery …

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A Small Airport For A Small Island

Perhaps the weirdest of New York’s vanished airports is the army airfield on Governors Island. Given that the only access (other than flying) is via ferry, the island isn’t a great place even for an army airport of any size, although there are things you can do with an airport without good access, like train …

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Multiple Systems

I’m going to interrupt the defunct-airport sideshow to return to the regularly-scheduled post. The picture above shows an almost-completed repair on a facade project. If you do this kind of work, this is an almost boring picture. It shows three waterproofing systems and implies a fourth, any one of which is theoretically capable of protecting …

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