Don Friedman


That’s a project we’re working on in Newark – the Ballantine House – where we are assisting Building Conservation Associates with repairs to the facade and front portico. If it doesn’t look quite like a construction project…there’s a story there. (All photos taken by Tim Michiels on site.) If you look at the schedule of …

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Not In The Spirit Of The Holiday

I expect much of the east to be effectively shut down today: snow followed by rain followed by freezing temperatures is a recipe for a lot of ice. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is already relatively lacking in public events compared to our other national holidays, and this storm is not going to improve that …

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Two Very Different Signs Of Age

It will come as no surprise to any engineer looking at that photo to hear that it was taken in a multi-story garage. What we’re seeing is the logical conclusion of water seeping through concrete (concrete is not waterproof, really) carrying road salt and causing accelerated rusting of the rebar in the concrete beams. Those …

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