Don Friedman

Ransome Bar

We ask for probes on a regular basis, usually to find out what something useful about unknown hidden structure. On a recent project we asked for probes through a cellar slab. Our instructions were to remove the concrete while leaving the rebar in place, so the final probes looked like this: The rebar that was …

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Bad Art

Another thirty-cent postcard find: the worst illustration of the Woolworth Building I’ve ever seen. Here’s the postcard version: And here’s reality in the same era: Given that the postcard was published by the Success Postal Card Company, which was located in New York, there’s really no excuse for this. It’s a terrible representation. The only …

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Used Books

You can find great stuff for thirty cents at used-book stores. Here’s a postcard of our home, with a picture taken in the brief window of time between the completion of the Trinity Building (111 Broadway) and the construction of its fraternal twin the U.S. Reality Building (115 Broadway). In other words, this view only …

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