Marie Ennis

Notre Dame

The latest news suggests that yesterday’s fire was not as bad as could have been. Cathedrals such as this embody the generational architectural and structural feats of the builders. Then they become the repositories of religious, cultural, and artistic meaning. Unique in all aspects, and sadly irreplaceable. It appears that significant parts of the physical …

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A Survivor

A favorite bookstore of mine is interesting for something other than its books. It is an important gathering place for people who love books, book readings, and intellectual discourse, and it’s a survivor. After 35 years in its present location, it almost went the way of many other neighborhood shops when it was bought in …

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Window Tracery As Structure

When a structural engineer tells a colleague that they are working on a window restoration project, the colleague might say, “But windows are not a structural element in a building, other than keeping wind and weather out.” That statement is correct; if you remove the windows from a building, the structure still stands. However when …

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Low-Tech Solutions

This is a view of the north facade of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House on Bowling Green, a Cass Gilbert building completed in 1907. I have a fondness for this building, aside from its architecture, due to an early project I worked on involving the Africa statue by Daniel Chester French on the northwest …

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