Undo! Undo!

I read “The End of Open-Plan Everything” by Amanda Mull with a certain level of amusement. I’ve always disliked cubicles and open offices, although we were forced by circumstance to use open office space for a while. I’ve written about open offices several times before, so what’s new? Coronavirus. The popularity of open offices was …

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An Old Solution Becomes A Problem

I’ve seen a number of articles in recent months on the topic of eliminating licenses for architects. “Is Architectural Licensing Necessary?” by John J. Parman is one of the better ones. The issue is that licensure contains several of the many barriers to entry into the field, which fall more heavily on people who have been …

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Functional And Sort-of Boring

For a very long time, the New York City Building Code has required that the portion of floor directly in front of a fireplace, somewhat confusingly called the hearth, has to be of non-flammable construction. That way, if sparks or pieces of wood fall out of the fireplace onto the floor, they don’t immediately start …

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