A Wild Goose Chase

After yesterday’s post about Miller Field and the smaller, more numerous airports of a hundred years ago, Julia Manglitz was kind enough to point me at “Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields“, a website devoted to that niche topic, nationwide. The New York City entires were a combination of things I knew and things I did not, …

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More Common In The Past

We think of airports as being relatively few and far between, but they used to be much smaller and closer together. The growth of jet size since the DC8 and 707, and the simultaneous and related growth of commercial air travel has meant that bigger airports with longer runways are needed. Of course, small airports …

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That’s a view looking west from the foot of Trinity Place on a beautiful fall day. From left to right: Two Washington Street, built in 1970 (the building with the black glass curtain wall) as the second extension to the Whitehall Building. I think it’s steel-framed but I’m not certain. Directly above Two Washington on …

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