Practical Implications

In some circles, “curtain wall” has become synonymous with “glass facade” but that’s not what it means. A curtain wall is simply a wall that does not carry structural load for the building as a whole. Saying that it does not carry any structural load would be wrong, as it carries its own weight (usually …

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Historic But Infelicitous

That’s the Weaverland Bridge, carrying Quarry Road over Conestoga Creek near the village of Terre Hill, Pennsylvania. (HAER says it’s it’s the Conestoga Creek, my map says it’s the Conestoga River. I have no interest in the outcome of that argument.) It’s a concrete tied-arch bridge constructed in 1916, which makes it early for a …

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Book Review: NYC Building Code, 2, Peer Review

Since I started looking at the new NYC Building Code with a topic that is tangential to my usual work, I might as well continue that way for a bit. A topic that was added to plain-vanilla IBC in its entirety by the New York City code committee is structural peer review. I don’t see …

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