How Much From A Little Information?

Above, a photo of a rainy day on the west side. The shack on the left is a restaurant’s outdoor seating, still hanging in three years after Covid made this idea possible. I took the picture because of the building ghost past the parking lot. I was curious to see how much I could tell …

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A Round Trip and Unpleasant Etymology

That’s the Knickerbocker Hotel on 42nd Street, in a maybe 1910 postcard from the Detroit Publishing Company. The building had exterior and interior designs by several famous architects and is, unsurprisingly, a designated landmark. It lasted less than twenty years as a hotel when first built, then was used as an office building for 90 …

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I happened to be walking past this building on east 38th Street and felt it deserved a photo. The big doors announce it to be carriage house, the ornate facade suggests it was connected to a wealthy person’s home rather being a commercial stable. Take a good look, as there’s a lot going on there. …

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Big Headline

The Tower Building was not New York’s first skyscraper, so its demolition was not the tragedy the Sun would have you believe it to be. The Pan American Building was, fortunately, not built in the form shown here. And the artwork is, in general, a crime. That said, the real buildings shown are a fair …

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A Less-Obvious Change

That pretty view of the Empire State Building is “Bird’s-eye view of Empire State Building at night, New York City” by Angelo Rizzuto. The photograph was taken in 1953 and is part of the Library pf Congress’s “Free to Use and Reuse” collection. (They have a fairly high-resolution version available for download if you want …

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