One Of Frankenstein’s Monsters

I was walking by and could not resist following up on this building. It covers the full blockfront of Central Park West between 103rd and 104th Streets and there are at least three distinct pieces visible from the street: the old masonry on the north and south sides (the north facade is on the right, …

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Interesting But Disruptive

That’s the railroad viaduct on Park Avenue, basically a wall cutting the neighborhood in half. This was constructed by the New York Central Railroad in the late 1800s and extended between 1900 and 1910 when the line was electrified and things generally reconfigured for the new Grand Central Terminal. If you like big walls built …

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Looking Around

On more than one occasion, I’ve happened upon a building I find interesting while wandering around somewhere only to later find out that it is famous, or designed by a famous architect, or in some way previously known but not to me. The photo above shows a good example: 1230 Griswold Avenue in Detroit, AKA …

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Speaking Not As A Former Customer

A long time ago, I had a very small savings account at the Dime Savings Bank in Queens. The building above was the headquarters of the Dime Savings Bank in Detroit, which was apparently an unrelated business. I guess people used to think about saving dimes a lot. In any case, this was a building …

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