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Joel Moskowitz’s list of books on furniture and woodworking is great. Every one is a classic worthy of your time. Moskowitz took the words out of my mouth with regard to Eric Sloane’s A Museum of Early American Tools: I read and reread that book when I was a tween until I had it memorized. …

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Book Review: Making Things Right

A house in Oslo similar to the one described in the book. Photo by Øyvind Holmstad. Ole Thorstensen is a carpenter in Norway who decided to combine his philosophy of work with a description of a small project in the book Making Things Right. The general idea has been done before – The Soul of a …

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Book Review: The Shock of the Old

The most interesting non-fiction books I read have something in common with the most interesting project we get in the office: they fall in between usual categories in a manner that requires thinking in more than one discipline at a time. The Shock of the Old by David Edgerton is a book on the history …

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Book Review: The Perfectionists

I found this to be a somewhat frustrating book, as described below. If there were more popular books on civil or structural engineering I might not have even read it, but being starved I went for the mechanical engineering text. Winchester is one of the great explainers, who writes books taking complicated and little-known topics …

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Book Review: Built

Roma Agrawal is an engineer based in Britain with an impressive resume. Her design experience is quite varied, but to some degree dominated by her work on the Shard. She has written the recently-published Built, which is perhaps best described as a primer on civil engineering and civil engineers for the vast majority of people who …

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