That is not a clapboard facade. This building is a municipally-owned garage at the Manhattan end of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. The locations makes some sense, as the tunnel was built in part to get commuters to the financial district office towers, so it serves a park-and-walk function. But only some sense, because both pollution and …

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The Urban Context

That’s not one of our projects. I took the picture as I was walking by because it shows so nicely some of the difficulties encountered with building in a dense city. That’s a new concrete-frame building – almost certainly a small apartment house, maybe with retail at the ground floor – being constructed on a …

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Yet Again, Everything Is A Trade-Off

If the first thing you look at in this picture are the columns with the conical capitals or the waffle slab, you may be in the AEC professions or otherwise interested in buildings. If the first thing you look at is the track hung from the ceiling and snaking its way around the floor, you …

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A Bit Hard To Find

I’ve mentioned before the various possible locations for a bridge deck relative to the main structure, with the two most common being on top (for trusses, girders, and arches, mostly) and through (for trusses and suspension bridges, mostly). The thing about putting the roadway on top is that the bridge becomes invisible or nearly so …

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Two Bridges, One Name, The Second

The Washington Crossing Bridge over the Allegheny River has a much shakier claim on the name than yesterday’s bridge. George Washington’s adventures in Western Pennsylvania were limited, as far as I know, to when he was in his early twenties, during the French and Indian War. The French attempted to hold the juncture of the …

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