That’s a project we’re working on in Newark – the Ballantine House – where we are assisting Building Conservation Associates with repairs to the facade and front portico. If it doesn’t look quite like a construction project…there’s a story there. (All photos taken by Tim Michiels on site.) If you look at the schedule of …

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Woolworth: Clay

To finish up Master Builders, let’s discuss clay masonry at the Woolworth Building. So much clay masonry. The facades, other than the bottom floors, are entirely terra cotta backed by brick; the floors, with a few exceptions, are entirely terra cotta tile-arches spanning between the steel beams of the frame. The picture above, intended to …

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Singer: Complexity

Nothing is ever simple. The Singer Building was actually three different buildings constructed at different times and merged when the third building – the tower – was conducted 1906-1908. The Singer company built a headquarters building on the west side of Broadway at the corner of Liberty Street in 1898. It was ten stories tall …

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Singer: Caissons

There’s a stereotype that New York’s skyscrapers are all founded on shallow bedrock. There used to be a myth that skyscrapers were clustered around Wall Street and midtown because that’s where bedrock was high, making the foundations cheap. There are a lot of problems with this story, starting with the fact that if people only …

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Singer: High Tech For The Masses

Carol Willis was kind enough to point out that yesterday’s image is original from A History of the Singer Building Construction, edited by Otto Semsch. He was the chief engineer for the building and so obviously knew it well, and the book is a promotion piece for the building, for the Singer Company, and to …

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