Book Review: NYC Building Code, 1, Underpinning

I’m not actually going to review the 2022 New York City Building Code because I don’t want to write that and you don’t want to read that. What I want to do is take a look at some of the significant changes in terms of structural issues and specifically those places that the NYC code …

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Logical Procedures

A great photo, in lamentable condition, from the New York Public Library. The B. Altman department store moved to 35th Street and Fifth Avenue in 1906, and soon after was extended to fill the whole avenue block front to 34th Street. The original building plus that southern extension covered most of the block bounded by …

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Speaking Not As A Former Customer

A long time ago, I had a very small savings account at the Dime Savings Bank in Queens. The building above was the headquarters of the Dime Savings Bank in Detroit, which was apparently an unrelated business. I guess people used to think about saving dimes a lot. In any case, this was a building …

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Logistics and Process

Not the most boring photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s in the league. That’s the side wall (a party wall) of a rowhouse, showing an old opening that’s been infilled. It does not mean that this house was somehow once combined and occupied with its neighbor. Rather, this is an artifact of the construction process. …

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A Little Land, A Lot of Building

Again, some convoluted history with multiple buildings on the same site. The picture above, taken while I was standing on the west sidewalk of Broadway looking east, shows the triangular vacant lot at the intersection of Park Row and Ann Street, just barely north of where Park Row hits Broadway on an angle. The big …

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