Densely Packed

There is a whole lot of skyscraper history in that one Underhill photo above, taken in 1914 or so. We’re looking northeast from approximately Trinity Place and Rector Street, most likely from the roof or a window of the 2 Rector Street. (The roof of 2 Rector is now higher than this, but was several …

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I stumbled across the stereograph above, which the NYPL has mislabeled as 1890. The Singer Building (visible) was completed in 1908, the Woolworth Building (in the caption) in 1913, and the Equitable Building (visible) in 1915, so: no. The most interesting thing in the shot is the white building in the foreground. It’s the AT&T …

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Close But Not

That construction picture of the New York Public Library was taken around 1907 and shows the exterior of the building nearly complete. There’s a crane being disassembled in the courtyard adjacent to the near corner (northeast corner of the lot, at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street), the elevated terrace has not been started yet, and …

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