Recent Readings On A Theme

Three closely related articles were stored away in my browser bookmarks and it’s time to spread them around. First, “The Carbon Footprint of Material Obsolescence” by Blaine Brownell. The article looks at the life-cycle carbon cost of various construction materials. We need to consider not just the cost (meaning money, pollution, and carbon liberated) of materials’ creation …

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The Empire State, Again

Yesterday was the 92nd anniversary of the Empire State Building opening for business, which is as good a day as exists to pick as its birthday. To celebrate, the Skyscraper Museum had a one-hour program where Carol Willis and I discussed some aspects of the construction of the building. The process of construction – both the economic …

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Unexpectedly Heavy

One last look at the George Blumenthal house on Park Avenue, midway in time between the previous two photos. The sidewalk bridge is complete, we’ve got a lot of brick stacked up on the sidewalk, and the street facades are complete at the first floor. It’s clear in this photo that house only has a …

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