Some terra cotta replacements are more eye-catching than others. Our work at 150 Nassau Street has attracted attention, largely because it’s hard to ignore 20-foot-tall angels. Of course, from our perspective, the issue is not the sculptural face of the terra cotta blocks that make up each of the angels, it’s rather how we provide …

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A Replacement Detail

We’ve shown a few old details that we like, but of course we also design new details to repair or replace the old. We’re still working on that large facade project, and our detail for a new outrigger system to support an upper-floor water-table has been installed. The spandrel beam is on the right, with …

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Temporary Bracing

We are currently working on combining two brownstones to create one very large single family residential home on the Upper West Side. The buildings have landmarked facades which we will preserve while creating a new steel framed building within the existing facade. The existing party wall dividing the two lots will be removed to create …

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A Building Ghost

We often find remnants of old buildings that had previously been on a site we are working – fragments of old foundations and reused old foundations being the most common – but sometimes you see ghosts of buildings that have been demolished on the site next door. This most commonly happens with old rowhouses where …

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Historic Structural Detail 3, Sort Of

Construction projects are full of changes and this was just as true in the past as it is now. In particular, where different trades’ and/or different designers’ work meets, there is a good chance that the as-built condition to not look like the drawings. Recently we’ve been looking at cornice supports at the building where …

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