The white stripes show the gaps between the now-removed lath: Structural engineering is about structure, right? A while ago, while looking at a historic house upstate, we ran into a problem. The building had wood-stud bearing walls sheathed with clapboard and we ran into an obvious problem: the bearing walls were not performing properly. The studs were buckling, …

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A Very Old Wall and New Bracing

I keep talking about the Park Row Building at 15 Park Row (again and again and again) because not only is the work we’re involved with interesting but the building itself is fascinating. The boring picture below (click on it to make it bigger and boringer) contains a great story: That’s the east* face of 15 Park …

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Progress in Multiple Materials

A site visit last week yielded all sorts of results: repairs to a damaged brick wall, new steel in place, new joists in place, old joists resupported on new steel, and (invisibly in this photo) the bearing wall that had supported the old joists gone. Seeing a design made real is still, almost 30 years into …

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Short-Span Bridges

There’s a history of bridges between buildings, over streets, in New York. A long history. The 1989 pedestrian bridge over Trinity Place, a block from our office, ran between the Trinity Church yard and the parish offices at 74 Trinity Place. But 74 Trinity is gone, demolished in the last few months to make way …

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