Transition to Ghost

I’ve put up a lot of posts here about building ghosts, the visible marks left by now-demolished buildings on their neighbors. Today’s photos, sent to me by a friend of the blog, show a specific moment in transition. The overall view above, shows the general situation for all building ghosts: the 1920s or 30s building …

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You Can See It At The End

Not far from where I took the pretty picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, I took this shot of the New Market Building of the Fulton Fish Market. I’ve never heard anyone call it by it’s actual name: it’s always been called The Tin Building after the metal siding that covered it from when it was …

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The Last Days Of A Giant

Skyscraper construction in Midtown is nothing new, but this is an interesting moment. The work on the left is the final stage of demolition of the superstructure of the old 270 Park Avenue; the work on the right is the beginning of the superstructure of the new 270 Park Avenue. Like a lot of building …

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Unintentionally – A Cautionary Tale

The picture above is not the building I’ll be talking about. It was simply the first one I came to in my collection that had bearing masonry arches. The building I’m talking about will remain nameless: it was large, owned by a non-profit institution, and located in upstate New York, and it was demolished some …

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Review Of Movie Engineering: The Avengers (2012)

Again, the ground rules. I’m going to accept all of the basic premises of the movie as given, and not discuss things like inertia on fast turns turning Tony Strark to lumpy jelly inside his armor, or, a topic of many years of debate, why the Hulk’s pants don’t rip off entirely when he transforms. …

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