The Morgan Library

Structural engineers working on buildings get used to anonymity. Even if a building has a daring structural design, most (or, often, all) of the press will name the architect rather than the engineer. In renovation projects, which make up nearly all of our firm’s design work, engineers are even less likely to receive much recognition. …

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Plummeted Like A Stone

The vast majority of structures recorded by the Historic American Building Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record are distinguished by their design, by their history, or by both. Some are not, or rather by our standards today are not. I was mildly surprised to see the old West Side Highway had been photographed by …

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Significant Similarities

The problems with the first Tacoma Narrows bridge – its excessive movement in use and its complete collapse after less than half a year in service – were a surprise but should not have been. The lesson learned at Tacoma Narrows – that deck stiffness is the key to preventing excessive damage from aeroelastic flutter …

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