Design Thinking

Engineers consider themselves “designers.” We use the word “design” all the time to describe activities we perform. Unfortunately, the word has been devalued. A lot of things are legitimately design – including graphic design, architectural design, software design, landscape design, industrial design, and so on – but the word crops up most frequently in ordinary use when …

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Because we live in an era of rapid technological change, we are used to (if not necessarily comfortable with) the idea of obsolescence. When I started my first job as an engineer, our office relied on a mini-computer for heavy-duty analysis, and on paper and calculators for everything else. We had one phone for every …

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Stanford White Awards

The Institute for Classical Architecture & Art has announced its first group of design awards, and two projects that Old Structures collaborated on have won. Drumlin Hall is a large, classically styled private residence in the Hudson Valley designed by Peter Pennoyer Architects and completed in 2010. The Carnegie Hill apartment building is an addition …

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A Replacement Detail

We’ve shown a few old details that we like, but of course we also design new details to repair or replace the old. We’re still working on that large facade project, and our detail for a new outrigger system to support an upper-floor water-table has been installed. The spandrel beam is on the right, with …

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Historic Structural Detail 3, Sort Of

Construction projects are full of changes and this was just as true in the past as it is now. In particular, where different trades’ and/or different designers’ work meets, there is a good chance that the as-built condition to not look like the drawings. Recently we’ve been looking at cornice supports at the building where …

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