Showing The Unshowable

That’s a fantastic picture on the cover of Scientific American, showing a proposed two-level subway below Broadway. In 1905, the first subway, the IRT, had just opened, and the stretch of Broadway shown did not yet have service. The combination of a section through the street sub-grade and a perspective of the buildings and street …

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What Engineering Is Not, Part 3

Drawing* is important to engineers. It is, generally, our main form of communication with other engineers, with architects, with contractors, and with anyone else. In the simplified form of sketching, it is a tool we commonly use for site investigations. That said, it’s nowhere near as important to us as it is to architects. The …

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A Permanent Short-Term Fix

When Hurricane Sandy submerged a chunk of lower Manhattan, our office was on Broadway, on the ridge at the center of the area. A little over a year ago, we moved to the corner of Broad and Stone Streets, in a lower area where a lot of neighboring buildings flooded to some extent. Various large-scale …

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