This one is a little off my usual topics, but important. We’re currently reviewing drafting standards in the office. Nothing major, but we need some tweaks to keep up with changes in NYC Department of Buildings requirements, to keep up with changes in our drafting program, and to keep up with changes in our thinking …

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What Engineering Is Not, Part 3

Drawing* is important to engineers. It is, generally, our main form of communication with other engineers, with architects, with contractors, and with anyone else. In the simplified form of sketching, it is a tool we commonly use for site investigations. That said, it’s nowhere near as important to us as it is to architects. The …

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A Permanent Short-Term Fix

When Hurricane Sandy submerged a chunk of lower Manhattan, our office was on Broadway, on the ridge at the center of the area. A little over a year ago, we moved to the corner of Broad and Stone Streets, in a lower area where a lot of neighboring buildings flooded to some extent. Various large-scale …

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Possibly Futile Clarification

These maps of subway stations have been getting a fair amount of exposure lately. I suspect that in part it’s because they are beautiful drawings. Considering them just as abstract art, they’re great to look at; the fact that they are reasonable accurate and detailed maps of subway stations makes them incredible. Subway stations are …

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A Thousand Words

From Beyond My Ken: There was an interesting demonstration of the relative inadequacy of language during my trip to Governors Island last week. If you click on the photo above, which shows the Governors Island ferry tied up on the island as seen from the Manhattan shore, you can make out the configuration of the …

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