Book Review: NYC Building Code, 2, Peer Review

Since I started looking at the new NYC Building Code with a topic that is tangential to my usual work, I might as well continue that way for a bit. A topic that was added to plain-vanilla IBC in its entirety by the New York City code committee is structural peer review. I don’t see …

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38 Years And I Haven’t Forgotten

My latest look at the HABS/HAER index turned up “steel I-beams” as a category, and I obviously had no choice but to take a look. Most of the surveys with that tag were truss bridges. I’m interested in trusses, but I wanted something different. The photo above is from the HABS survey of the Raritan …

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Follow-up, Rotated

I talked about the New Haven railroad’s Fort Point Bridge in Boston a little over a year ago. It’s an 1898 rolling lift bridge with three separate lift segments (each carrying two railroad tracks), on a skew because the rail line doesn’t cross Fort Point Channel at right angles. The 1904 picture above (from the …

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Very-Long-Term Recycling

The MTA recently began construction on its second big project to reshuffle commuter rail in New York. The first, the East Side Access project, allows Long Island Railroad trains to terminate at Grand Central rather than Penn Station. The second, the Metro-North Penn Station Access project, allows New Haven Line trains to terminate at Penn …

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