We work where the buildings are: one of the simple truths of a practice based on existing structures is that we can’t jet-set around the world like the skyscraper designers do. Our projects are predominately in New York City and its immediate surroundings, but we also work on designs across the northeast and as consultants …

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Historic Structural Detail 1

In the course of building investigation, we see a lot of details that are no longer used. From time to time, we’ll post one here. Cast iron columns were to some extent mass-produced, but the casting process allowed for easy customization. In the picture below, the beam seat that is cast integrally with the square …

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Not us, buildings. It is amazing how fast buildings can age when they are not used, maintained, or mothballed. A few years ago, we were involved with a mid-1800s loft building that had been converted to apartments around 1970. Foundation damage from construction next door meant that the building had to be vacated and we …

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“Bannerman’s Island”

One of our projects was given a slide show on the New York Times website yesterday. In unromantic terms, Pollepel Island has the ruins of an abandoned military-supply business, including the home of the business’s owner, Francis Bannerman, but it’s hard to discuss the island in those terms. To anyone who’s ever seen the island …

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The Church of St. Francis Xavier Wins a Lucy Moses Award

The historic, Baroque-style Church of St. Francis Xavier on West 16th Street was completed in 1882 by architect Patrick Keely, and remains an integral part of the Chelsea neighborhood. The recent project included extensive cleaning and restoration of the ornate plaster and stone interiors, and structural work as part of reconfiguring the sanctuary by raising …

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