Heat Wave

The Covid-19 lockdown had the odd effect of making the entire spring season disappear. Spending three months largely indoors, with a reduced project workload but a huge increase in administrative work, erased any sense of the tail end of cold weather and the start of warm weather. The lockdown has mostly ended in time for …

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Improving The Future

To continue the thought from a post last week, a lot of people noticed that city centers were improved – in horrible circumstances – by the reduction in car traffic during the Covid-19 lockdowns this spring. It’s inevitable that people will look for a silver lining in this enormous cloud, but beyond that we need …

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A Train Of Thought

Sometimes I’ll read several articles in a row that seem logically connected. Perhaps the current conditions of enforced isolation and poor economics conditions have encouraged writers to move in the same direction, or perhaps there really is a deep connection between the following pieces: “Could a Public Works Program Save New York City’s Economy?” by Samar …

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Same Goal, Different Paths

Given the large percentage of the world’s released carbon that is related to construction activity, there’s no way for people in the AEC community to be neutral on the topic. Either you are trying in some way to reduce the environmental impact of your work or you are not. I’ve talked about this before, and …

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