An Old Trade-Off Is Still Current

The picture above is the 1914 Adams Express Building at 61 Broadway. The two biggest buildings below are Singer, on the left, and the 1907 City Investing Building on the right. These two buildings are used as examples in the article below, “Heat Losses From Buildings Of Modern Type,” which I’m putting up here in …

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Powering The Mastodon

The Mohawk River is a tributary of the Hudson River, joining the bigger river at the north end of Troy, New York. Unlike the Hudson, which is a sea-level estuary all the way from New York Bay to the Federal Dam located halfway between downtown Troy and the Mohawk, the Mohawk naturally has a reasonably …

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Book Review: Gotham Unbound

Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History of Greater New York by Ted Steinberg sounds, at first, like a bad joke: it’s a natural history of the New York City area, which is one of the most heavily modified landscapes in the world. We’re surrounded by all sorts of nature here, including aspects that are impervious to …

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What If The Lifecycle Doesn’t End?

That’s the recently-rebranded and renovated Frederick Hotel in Tribeca. Its previous incarnation was known as the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and that name was painted on the West Broadway facade, so I expect I’ll be think of it under that name for quite some time to come. It fits in well with the general Tribeca aesthetic – …

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