Historic Preservation

The Majesty of the Law

That’s an Underhill photo above, of the rotunda at the interior of the Hudson County Courthouse in Jersey City, New Jersey. Here’s a HABS photo of the exterior: It is, as you may have noticed, a massive Beaux Arts building, constructed shortly after 1900, while the full effect of the classical-architectural revival kick-started by the …

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Defending Brutalism Again

More than three years ago I wrote a few blog posts about Brutalism and preservation. In the end, historic preservation only works if someone, somewhere loves the building in question, and Brutalism can be difficult to love. In “This Brutal World“, Kate Wagner takes on this issue. For people used to watching her skewer bad buildings, …

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More on The Structure of Skyscrapers

A week from today, on December 11, I’ll be giving an online talk about The Structure of Skyscrapers. In addition to discussing some of the main themes in the text, I’m going to discuss why I started the project and how I think it can be useful to people. I’m going to use some pictures …

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Reading and Listening List

The Structure of Skyscrapers started shipping a couple of weeks ago. So if you order it (from here), you can fast gratification for your reading needs. I’ll be taking part on a roundtable discussion about the book and the general topic of skyscraper history on November 18, 2020, with David Fixler, Theo Prudon, and Rachel …

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