Historic Preservation

Preservation At Ticonderoga

I recently came across the picture above and the ones below, which do a good job showing the state of Fort Ticonderoga circa 1902. (Actually, came across them again, as I used one here six years ago.) There is a complete fort at the site today, and that is the structure we are currently working …

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Good News On The Book Front

Thanks to great work – and, I expect, enormous effort – on the part of APTI in general and Janet Bascom specifically, The Structures of Skyscrapers is now available on Amazon. If you read this blog and would like to see me make longer and better-organized arguments, without typos, this is the book for you. …

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General And Specific

If you want the issues involved in engineering work for historic buildings explained clearly and succinctly, I strongly suggest watching Margaret Cooke‘s lecture from earlier this week, delivered as she received the Milne Medal from the IABSE British Group. I had the pleasure of meeting her not quite three years ago, and our discussion then …

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The Flip Side Of Urban Renewal

It seems like every time I search for pictures on the New York Public Library these days, I’m turning up one of Berenice Abbott’s shots for the Federal Art Project. They’re beautiful and they’re public domain, so they appeal to me twice over for blog posts. This 1935 shot titled “Reade Street, between West and …

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