Semi-Adaptive Reuse

I was walking on the Upper East Side and came across this beauty interesting building. A lot of Manhattan’s garages were originally built as stables, and the way that the doors have been modified suggests that might be what happened here. The modern doors, the sign, and the bad paint job are obscuring what appears …

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New Year’s (4 of 4)

“New Year’s Bells” has a timeless feel to it; “Watching the old Year out and the New Year in” feels like a first draft that’s been revised since that was written. The photo of Mr. Hampton is a nice touch, and must have seemed very modern in 1895. In case you’re wondering – as I …

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New Year’s (3 of 4)

I have no idea who Julius Hartmann was, but a collation for his patrons seems nice. The Washington Building, at One Broadway, was then and is now an office building, so this party may have been less wild than it seems at first. On the other hand, that typeface! That’s the way to end a …

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New Year’s (2 of 4)

Above, a menu for a New Year’s Eve dinner at the Colonnade Restaurant. I don’t know much about the restaurant, but it was not at that address much longer: the building at 726 Broadway was torn down before 1910 and was eventually replaced by a large loft building providing support services for the nearby John …

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New Year’s (1 of 4)

Since everyone is winding down to New Year’s, I think I’ll celebrate some oldies until the 1st. For today, the cover of the menu from the New Year’s Eve dinner held at 244 Third Avenue, near Gramercy Park. It’s not clear from the caption if this was at a restaurant called “Eron & Mulhall” or …

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