How Much From A Little Information?

Above, a photo of a rainy day on the west side. The shack on the left is a restaurant’s outdoor seating, still hanging in three years after Covid made this idea possible. I took the picture because of the building ghost past the parking lot. I was curious to see how much I could tell …

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Not Just Plumbers

It’s a long-standing bit of wisdom among designers that plumbers will cut anything that is in their way when installing pipe. Give a plumber a saw, and structural engineers expect him to cut through the nearest piece of structure. I need to correct one mis-perception: it’s not just plumbers. (And, of course, it’s not all …

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Analysis For Investigation 3

The examples of analyzing the structure of a building as you investigate that I discussed over the last two days were fairly straightforward in terms of calculations and were fairly forgiving in terms of accuracy. Today’s example is not, because it contains everyone’s favorite way to have numbers not work: non-linearity. If you look at …

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