Undo! Undo!

I read “The End of Open-Plan Everything” by Amanda Mull with a certain level of amusement. I’ve always disliked cubicles and open offices, although we were forced by circumstance to use open office space for a while. I’ve written about open offices several times before, so what’s new? Coronavirus. The popularity of open offices was …

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An Old Solution Becomes A Problem

I’ve seen a number of articles in recent months on the topic of eliminating licenses for architects. “Is Architectural Licensing Necessary?” by John J. Parman is one of the better ones. The issue is that licensure contains several of the many barriers to entry into the field, which fall more heavily on people who have been …

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Behind the Scenes

Old Structures is tinkering with some of the machinery that keeps our web presence running. The website will remain up at its main address ( and our regular emails will be functioning at the ” ” addresses. The .com website and emails will be down for the next day or so. Don’t worry, we’re …

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An Inevitable Discussion

I try to steer this blog away from current events, with exceptions made for historic-preservation and engineering events that make the headlines, like the fire at Notre Dame. Yesterday, it felt like some kind of threshold had been passed, and so I’m going to talk briefly about the Coronavirus pandemic. To state the obvious: we’re …

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Our Website’s New Look

Websites are interesting things. The web in its current form is thirty years old and commercial use was only allowed in 1993, but in the last 26 years this piece of technology has become our sign, our ad, a simple brochure, and our virtual front door. We have pretty much the same goal as every …

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