Smokestacks – Structurally and Culturally

The photo above is from the HABS survey of an abandoned Armour & Company plant in Providence, Rhode Island. The building was a warehouse and factory for meat products, and had some mildly interesting Moderne architectural touches. It was abandoned, vandalized, and then demolished. I chose the picture for the nice view of the big …

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Multiple Options

The picture above, which I’ve tentatively titled “Fifty Shades of Beige,” shows the exposed underside of the floor structure in a small commercial building from the 1930s. The building has a steel frame, and since a steel frame does not provide by itself usable floors, it has a floor system spanning between the steel beams. …

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Up And Down The Avenue

Two related photos from Berenice Abbott’s “Changing New York” project from the 1930s. Above, “Seventh Avenue looking south from 35th Street.” Below, “Seventh Avenue looking north from 35th Street.” First, Abbott’s vantage point. She’s on the west side of Seventh Avenue, from the angle. Nelson Tower, built in 1931, is at the northwest corner of …

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Visibly Separate

I was at the north end of Central Park recently and took the picture above. That’s the demising wall separating the park from 110th Street (AKA Central Park North), as seen from a footpath just inside the park. That wall was built in the late 1860s, shortly after the park itself was complete enough to …

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A Possibly Unneeded Distinction

While looking through the HABS/HAER index, the item “parabolic arches” jumped out at me. There are only five surveys with that keyword: the bridges over the New York State Barge Canal (the renamed and expanded Erie Canal) in the Genesee Valley Park in Rochester; the Sixteenth Street Bridge over the Piney Branch Parkway in Washington …

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