Humans Versus Nature, Yet Again

There are four very large rivers in the northeastern U.S. that flow basically north south: the Connecticut, which that makes up the boundary between Vermont and New Hampshire before cutting Massachusetts and Connecticut in two and entering the Long Island Sound at New Haven; the Hudson which runs south near the east edge of New …

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Varying Access

I took that picture recently on West 44th Street. I assume the the lot will be redeveloped in the near future, but for now we’ve got a nice clear building ghost to examine. (Also, way off in the distance, formerly hidden by the small demolished building, we’ve got 30 Rockefeller Plaza, my second-favorite skyscraper.) (Also, …

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Extending The Timeline

That’s the ravelin east of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, protecting the sally port. In ordinary language, it’s a mini-fort that protected the main entrance to the main fort. That picture is from HABS, but Marie and I both worked at McHenry about thirty years ago, when employed by another firm. McHenry is famous for exactly …

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A Different Story Close Up

It’s easy to fall for hyperbole. Some old skyscrapers in Chicago may have been fore-runners of modernism, but that doesn’t mean they were unornamented in the modern fashion. The Marquette Building, above, is a good example. Yes, its overall facade design was, for 1895, forward looking, but when you get closer you get a good …

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