Castle Clinton Never Ends

My walking commute takes me past Castle Clinton twice every day, which has been great on the days when I had a meeting on site and otherwise nice to look over progress of the project. I mentioned yesterday that it can be fuzzy when a project ends, so let’s look at a timeline for the …

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How Projects End

Some years ago, I read How Experiments End by Peter Galison. A book on the history of science, and specifically on some fairly esoteric issues in physics, doesn’t have a strong connection to our work, but I saw one there anyway. One of the questions addressed in the book is the one posed by the …

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Extending The Timeline

That’s the ravelin east of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, protecting the sally port. In ordinary language, it’s a mini-fort that protected the main entrance to the main fort. That picture is from HABS, but Marie and I both worked at McHenry about thirty years ago, when employed by another firm. McHenry is famous for exactly …

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I have, fairly often, fallen into the trap of saying that some building – Park Row, for example – was the tallest in the world. It’s a trap because there is no generally-accepted definition of “building,” let alone “skyscraper,” when it comes to making such comparisons. Park Row is referred to as 391 feet tall …

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