Dead Technologies Walking

I’ve written repeatedly on the topic of the effect of changes in technology. Here I go again… Part of the process of switching the office to as paperless a state as we can make it is scanning our old files so we can dispose of the paper. The files cover the years from 2002 to the …

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Learning From Failure

I first heard the joke in 1982: How dumb are engineers? We can’t learn from success, rather we only learn by destroying something. Thirty-five years later, it occurs to me that the reason I never thought the joke was clever is that I had played Clue and Mastermind when I was a kid and both games …

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The Casino, Atlantic City: A long read here: Bob Henderson interviews Robert Frank, a professor of economics at Cornell. An important disclaimer (that I’ll revisit three paragraphs below): Bob H has been a friend since we met the week before freshman year at Rensselaer began, 35 years ago. A very short summary of the interview and Professor Frank’s …

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