Another Discipline

Our work is, of course, based on structural engineering. We often work in historic preservation and maybe a little bit into the technical aspects of architecture. Our work occasionally drifts into straight-up history, as this blog does as well. We’re continuing our restoration work at Fort Ticonderoga, with John G. Waite Associates, Architects, and The …

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Lucy Moses Award: Belvedere Castle

I’ve written about Belvedere a lot, partly because it’s one of my favorite projects of the last few years and partly because it’s a unique structure and therefore posed unique challenges. A summary of my previous posts is here – Belvedere Castle – along with some vintage photos and some construction photos. Our work, performed …

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Construction History: Park Row

Because of our project at the Park Row / Ivins / Syndicate Building, I’ve written about it many times. It did not represent a huge increase in height over its predecessors, but in some ways it did point to what was coming. It was a purely speculative venture: 27 main floors (and another three in …

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The End, For Now

Once again, a photo of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava. This is looking north, from the nave into the apse. We’ve reached completion of the structural work: the new sanctuary floor is done, and now the new roof structure is complete. The apse roof, which is in part a five-sided half-cone, is in …

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