Visible Progress

That’s the south side of Castle Clinton behind a construction fence – it’s basically a circle in plan, so “side” isn’t the right word, but whatever – and the ongoing masonry restoration can be seen. There’s new mortar, some new stones, some stone patches…it’s all good. We’re proud to be part of the project, working …

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That’s a project we’re working on in Newark – the Ballantine House – where we are assisting Building Conservation Associates with repairs to the facade and front portico. If it doesn’t look quite like a construction project…there’s a story there. (All photos taken by Tim Michiels on site.) If you look at the schedule of …

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General And Specific

If you want the issues involved in engineering work for historic buildings explained clearly and succinctly, I strongly suggest watching Margaret Cooke‘s lecture from earlier this week, delivered as she received the Milne Medal from the IABSE British Group. I had the pleasure of meeting her not quite three years ago, and our discussion then …

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The Plus Side

We’re all so used to discussing the negatives of cast iron that it’s easy to overlook the positives. The pictures are from a facade restoration project where we’re assisting Martina Bacarella Architect. The building was constructed around 1899, and a lot of the lower-floor ornament is cast iron rather than the stone that would have been …

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A Double-Take In The Subway

Over the last couple of years, the MTA has been replacing the old frames for paper ads in subway station – basically miniature billboards – with screens that can rotate between ads, maps, and service announcements. The future is now, or some such. In any case, I was in the Bowling Green station waiting for …

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