Visible Progress

That’s the south side of Castle Clinton behind a construction fence – it’s basically a circle in plan, so “side” isn’t the right word, but whatever – and the ongoing masonry restoration can be seen. There’s new mortar, some new stones, some stone patches…it’s all good. We’re proud to be part of the project, working …

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A Strange Assignment

As I was trawling through the Underhill collection at the Library of Congress, I stumbled over another building that I have a personal connection to: 95 Maiden Lane. I worked on hypothetical repairs in 1988 or 89 and I have no idea if any of them were ever performed. I was only at the building …

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Announcing “City of Brick and Steel”

And now for something not completely different… Here at OSE we are immersed in the old buildings of New York, all day long every working day. That has its advantages – we have become familiar with the details of the different types of past buildings here – and one odd disadvantage. We have become so …

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Ready For The Next Century

A New-Law* tenement in the Bronx, with a gleaming coat of new stucco, a repaired and painted fire escape, and a roof full of photoelectric panels. It’s been spruced up, one might say.** * Built after the 1901 Tenement House Act and before the 1929 Multiple Dwelling Law. ** It’s look even nicer if we …

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