AI Art

There’s been a lot of news lately about various apps that use some form of artificial intelligence to create “art.” Speaking as an outsider to programming, they seem to me to be less about AI and more about identifying aspects of a given artist’s style and combining pre-made elements to imitate it in some way. …

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What Matters Changes

While trawling through the HABS/HAER index, I came across “Partridge trusses.” I know a little bit about trusses and I’d never heard that term, so I followed up on it. Reuben Partridge was a carpenter based in Marysville, Ohio, near Columbus, with a career spanning from the 1830s to his death in 1900. He got a …

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Branding Forever

One of the most successful branding campaigns, ever, was linking electric utility companies to Thomas Edison’s name. It’s as if we called all automobiles “Fords.” Edison did not invent electric light or power generation, although he definitely improved on what was available before he started. He was on the wrong side of the DC versus …

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Hidden Failure

As some of you know, our email was out of operation yesterday from roughly noon until the evening. We’re addressing the problem and it should not reoccur…but making a promise seems foolish. In the spirit of investigating IT failures as well as structural failures, the reason we did not see this coming is interesting. In …

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