Beauty As An Accidental Artifact Of Technology

I used this picture once before, but I think it deserves some discussion: [Click on the photo to enlarge.] That’s the Woolworth Building rising up over the old General Post Office. The two buildings are separated by Broadway and the small buildings on the right front on Broadway. City Hall can be dimly seen in …

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More On The Limits Of Technology

Text-to-speech technology is pretty good but its failures can be amusing. The announcements at Penn Station are now partly automated, and p-r-e-s-e-n-t in “Please present your tickets” was recently pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable (making it present as in a gift) rather than on the second (making it present as in show).

Hidden Technologies

I’m torn about the demise of card catalogs. I loved leafing through them and occasionally finding something I wasn’t looking for, but I get my research done a lot faster with modern index databases and full-text searches. In any case, who knew that there were fonts designed just for card catalog use? Thanks to the …

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