A Sense Of Place

That’s a picture of the train shed at the Bristol Temple Meads station. It’s a very old station, and it’s been altered several times. The shed roof here and the head house off to the left are, I believe, mostly from the 1870s renovation. I took this picture as I got off a train because …

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Stylistic Differences And Technology

That’s Buckhill Lodge, a private house located within Kensington Gardens in London. As I approached it and took this picture, I was surprised and thinking that carpenter’s gothic wasn’t really an English style. Then when I got closer, I realized that I had made a category error by making an assumption. Here’s the trim on …

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Unclear Boundaries

That beautiful concrete is the undercroft, for want of a better term, at the London Bridge rail station. The station has a top-heavy configuration, with the entrances at street level and the tracks above. This makes sense for a constrained-site urban station, and London Bridge’s operational set-up reminded me of Jamaica Station. The concrete groin …

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Street-Facing Dignity

A scene in London: I doubt the difference in styles means anything much, but the classical stone building on the left is the Institution of Civil Engineers, while the Victorian red-brick building on the right is the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The buildings are two short blocks from the Houses of Parliament, which is to say …

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The Modern Gaze

That’s the interior of a saloon in Michigan. Those are (most likely) replica pendant lamps, a restored and painted tin ceiling, restored or replica wood window surrounds, and the exposed interior face of the brick wall. One of these things is not like the other: the more or less 1900 feel to the place is …

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