Urban Planning

Improving The Future

To continue the thought from a post last week, a lot of people noticed that city centers were improved – in horrible circumstances – by the reduction in car traffic during the Covid-19 lockdowns this spring. It’s inevitable that people will look for a silver lining in this enormous cloud, but beyond that we need …

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The Illusion Of Rationality

Visitors to New York are often surprised to find out how easy it is to get lost. It’s a big city, but everyone knows we have a numbered grid, so how hard can it be to find your way around? There are several problems, starting with the fact that New York’s numbered grid was something …

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Construction History: In-Between

When you focus on buildings, as I usually do, it’s easy to overlook the spaces between them. They seem like a mere negative, the places where buildings are not, but that’s absolutely wrong. Public spaces are where part of the daily life of a city plays out, and how those spaces are designed, how they …

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A Train Of Thought

Sometimes I’ll read several articles in a row that seem logically connected. Perhaps the current conditions of enforced isolation and poor economics conditions have encouraged writers to move in the same direction, or perhaps there really is a deep connection between the following pieces: “Could a Public Works Program Save New York City’s Economy?” by Samar …

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