More News: The South Bushwick Reformed Church

After all this time, I still find it disorienting to read the news and find one of our projects being discussed. In this case, it’s the end (or nearly so) of a long saga for the South Bushwick Reformed Church in Brooklyn, a beautiful wood-frame building from 1853 that looks like it belongs on a …

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Humans Versus Nature, Yet Again

There are four very large rivers in the northeastern U.S. that flow basically north south: the Connecticut, which that makes up the boundary between Vermont and New Hampshire before cutting Massachusetts and Connecticut in two and entering the Long Island Sound at New Haven; the Hudson which runs south near the east edge of New …

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Structural Mechanisms and Variability

Most engineering concerns things that change over time. The objects of interest to electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers, for example, are definitely not static. Structural engineering reached maturity in part by simplifying loading to “quasi-static” status: if we assumed that load is applied to our structures so slowly that there are no dynamic effects, the …

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A Mixed Palette

I feel like every time I mention the Williamsburg I disparage it – because I don’t like its appearance and several of the design details that distinguish it – but it’s important to remember that it was an important milestone in suspension-bridge construction. It took the main-span record from the Brooklyn Bridge (if only by …

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