94-15 100th Street Ozone Park

The complex of buildings begun in 1906 fills a double block in Queens and is on the National Register of Historic Places for its long-term use as a factory and as an early and clearly expressed example of a reinforced concrete factory.

All but the most recent of the connected buildings on the site have concrete structural frames and exposed-concrete exteriors. The facades of the buildings are little more than the exposed concrete of the spandrel columns and beams and the windows filling the spaces between. This form of industrial facade became common through the twentieth century but was still new when this building was built.

Close-up of 3rd floor showing spalling, exposed rebar, and original ornamental detailing of the 
concrete surface.

The Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center is currently adapting the building from a single industrial tenant to serve as a campus for multiple industrial tenants. Old Structures, as part of the AEC team, is responsible for the investigation, design of repairs, and design of alterations for the exterior concrete walls and the interior structure. We surveyed all of the concrete for defects and created repair details for those items that had to be addressed. Our assessment included distinguishing between minor damage that was the result of aging and did not compromise the building’s structural or weathering integrity and damage that was more serious.

Design was completed in 2017 and the project is currently in construction.

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